segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2014

Em Inglês

Há uns meses atras eu terminei o meu curso de inglês. Então pra não passar tão em branco (por que é melhor tarde do que nunca) resolvi postar um conto que escrevi no curso, a história ficou meio macabra no final mas enfim. Aproveitem^^

¨*-..-*Shui Qing*-..-*¨
The story I’m about to tell is not a happy story, and it takes place in the China of many years ago.
A tiny bird called Shui Qing that means blue-green water, because of it’s feathers ― used to live in the trees next to a palace that belonged to a rich man, who lived with his daughter there.
Shui Qing always asked himself why the little girl never showed up in the garden, and because of his curiosity he flew to the nearest window, so he could talk to her.
― Hey little girl, what are you doing lying there?
― I’m trying to cure myself.
― But if you stay here all the day you will only get worse, whatever the problem is. Come and see how beautiful the day is!
― But daddy told me to stay here. I’m sorry, but I can’t go with you.
As the days passed, Shui Qing continued to visit the little girl. And because he was there, the girl started to feel better, and her father noticed that was because of the tiny bird.
But one day, Shui Qing came up with not so good news.
― Mei Ying, I have to tell you something.
― What is that, Qing?
― Winter is coming, and I have to go to another place. But I promise you I will come back in the spring.
― Shui Qing, you don’t have to go, stay at my house then you can be with me!
―I’m sorry, I can’t stay. I just came today to say good bye. Good bye Mei, I will see you soon.
And the little bird flew away Mei Ying bedroom, while she was crying.
Her father became sad because of his daughter suffering, so he bought her many birds, but they couldn’t speak or sing like Shui Qing.
The illness became strong again and the little girl seemed to be weaker day after day.
The strong winter was in it’s end when Mei Ying lost her consciousness.
When finally Spring showed up, the tiny bird arrived from his long journey. And the very first thing he did was to visit his precious friend. But when he got there, he saw Mei Ying’s father crying loud while holding her lifeless hands.
― What happened with Mei? Asked the bird.
― You happened! She missed you so much that she died! Screamed the father.
― But why? I told her I would return…
― Get out of here, Shui Qing! You’re not welcome anymore! You killed my only daughter!
But in fact, Mei Ying wasn’t dead, but her soul was lost in the spiritual world. But because she couldn’t return to her body, it got weaker.
Sad about what Mei Ying’s father told him, and because of his friend, Shui Qing started to sing very sorrowfully, asking many things about live while singing.
He flew singing and crying around the palace for the last time and then left the place to never return.
Until now, when people go visit that forest, they could feel the sadness of the bird in their bones.