terça-feira, 27 de agosto de 2013


No início do ano fiz um trabalho na facu sobre doramas que foi lindo e rápido...
Então eu vou postar aqui o meu trabalho lindo pra vocês^^ e de onde tirei a ideia...

Ok, so I'm going to talk about korean dramas and some facts about it.
Rich people are always mean and arrogant, and the poor people are always the good guys

 and they help rich people become good too, and then they become rich...

Poor people alway have cancer or some other uncurable disease

Rich handsome tall guys
do not like beautiful woman
 They always fall in love with sassy poor girls, who supposedly don't even look good, and have cancer.

Sassy poor girls don't fall for rich handsome tall guys, at first..

But they always fall much, much later on, when they found out that they have cancer.

If you are poor, you always have that cute friend who is also poor, but doesn't have cancer...

There is no traffic laws in Korea. Everybody  can drive 200 miles per hour because you're always going to rescue someone...
 Love triangles are everywhere...

whenever a rich tall guy likes some sassy poor girl

 there is a 99% chance that someone else likes her. 
And that guy may have a perfect personality, but she wont be with him...
If you came from America, you are intelligent, hot and extremely successful and probably do not have cancer, but can not speak English properly...  

All moms in korean dramas evil and wants to ruin your life.

 The best way to hide yourself in public places is to wear a hat. No one will ever know that it's you.

 If you are a girl, is very, very  easy to pretend to be a guy

All you have to do is cut your hair a little bit shorter that it used to be

Don't ever get in a car accident, because there is a 99% chance that you wold loose your memory (if you don't die...)
 But once you get your memory back, don't worry. You still gonna die from cancer
As you can see, Korean dramas are actually very very educational, they help us understanding the meaning of life, so that's why i keep watching it.

e eu usei esse vídeo no final e.e
Esse post é dedicado a todos os meus amigos que queriam ter assistido a minha apresentação e não puderam^^
a ideia desse trabalho veio desse rapaz:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqQA89JHtNY